An incredible amount of world music in your phone anytime, anywhere and free!

You no longer need to store and organize gigabytes of files on your phone.

  • 5 stars all day long. Best music app, hands down.
  • It's WAY more convienient than Pandora & has a very up-to-date and accurate musical library, this app alone will put iPhone to death!
  • Amazing app! Can't wait for the updates. GREAT APP.
  • I love to program you made.
  • Awesome app... love it...
  • Funkar perfekt. Bra för de som inte har spotify premium.
  • Lätt att använda....funkar skit bra på HTC Desire.
  • Очень красивая вещь! Интерфейс супер.
  • Great app! Love it! Very functional and convenient. And is there any way to donate? Thanks!
  • Looks interesting for sure.
  • Very nice UI
  • Very nice application
  • A virtual library of music, no logons, no accounts, simple clean interface, type what you want, push play, profit! Very Cool!
  • Great job!
  • Better than spotify and FREE ! Well done X10
  • Get access to the world of music wherever you are.
  • OMG. Android users, try out Ximonic. Free streaming music on demand!
  • Great app - like spotify, but FREE! Cheers!
  • Muy bueno, ideal para los amantes de la música!
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